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I have often heard that we are attracted to people that have similar emotional health.That is why I highly recommend taking the time to work on your emotional health.

Common manners, respect, and eye contact are very important.

Keep your cell phone put away, don’t take unnecessary calls, no text messaging, say please and thank you, and make some good eye contact.

Sure you are meeting a new person, but we do that all the time.

If you are nervous or have negative thoughts of self-doubt remind yourself that you are good enough – because you are; you may not be the right match but at this point don’t worry about that. Be in the moment; don’t think about the million things you need to get done. women typically like to talk (which is good for us), so you need to listen.

Avoid conversations that sound like you are interviewing them for a job. You want to look for common interests and mutual pleasures, not fault-finding.

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