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He knows where his single sits on the charts and how it's moving relative to his previous 13 singles. Young’s road to fame was littered with people out to prove that he was a TV star, not a country star.

After winning the fourth season of USA Network’s reality competition in 2006, the singer didn't become a household name.

When the camera shutter opens, dust from this gruff surface is blown away.

He's not a fan of photo shoots, but you wouldn't know it: For 45 business-like minutes, Young is all smiles and poses, taking direction and doing what's asked of him.

He definitely has a more traditional, down-the-middle sound, which, for the most part, he’s remained true to.”The epitome of country music is more like it, according to media consultant Barry Mardit.

“If country music was a balancing act, with the likes of Florida Georgia Line on one side and those with the heavy Southern twang on the other side, he’s right in the middle.”Young pursued a more progressive sound for his fifth full-length, and his core group agrees that he found it.

“When I open my mouth, it’s pretty damn country.”retty damn country” is how his listeners know and love him, says Mike Moore, Vice President of Country Programming at Entercom Communications, which owns more than 120 radio stations nationwide.

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