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] for the privilege of them removing my data from their systems!Now I don't care about my profile being up there (it does offer the opportunity to hide it so that it can't be found and I'm no longer getting e-mails from them)—but this does seem like a crappy way of a company extorting money out of a (presumably wealthy) audience eager to quickly hide the details of their sordid extramarital dealings.

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But with a Full Delete, Biderman told Ars, Ashley Madison erases all identifying details, plus any photos and messages you may have sent to others.

“We've developed a product where we'll go back in time and remove photos and conversations that you've had,” Biderman said.

On Ashley Madison, you can simply hide your profile using the “Profile Options” page.

Selecting the box that says “Check this box if you wish to temporarily hide your profile” deactivates your account, but this preserves all your account details in case you want to return months or years later and pick up where you left off.

“We feel it's more than fair to charge a nominal fee to take that away.” “There's a real administrative cost,” he added, noting that sometimes recipients will contact the company asking why messages they received are now missing from their in-boxes.

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