Cavemen and dating

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I put my finger to her lips to shut her up and then kissed her again. When you “go caveman” on a girl your bringing her into your level of animal like attraction. If I had apologized or went back to talking things would have been weird…

In the past I was one of those guys who always waited for the right moment, which never leads to the kiss. This means they look for others to lead the way and let them know what they are doing is alright. She pins me down, then I pin her down and kiss her.

People, especially girls, have “make up my mind for me” syndrome. Instead of going into conversation about some stupid topic I started teasing her by gently pushing her away from me on the couch. Next thing I know we’re wrestling on my living room floor. For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.

There was a girl Nancy that was with us who I had been flirting with on and off for a month. Later that night, her and her friends came back to my house for the after party. Or worse, you blow it with a girl who wanted to kiss you. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences.

But for some reason, the only thing that makes them hesitate is the thought of approaching a beautiful woman.

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