Carmen dating tips

Her sexuality on Lovemeet is put as "free spirit", and she can be seen suggestively dancing with Elizabeta Torres at a party during the Blow Your Cover mission.She claims to be in several different no-strings attached relationships with men as well as Niko, and says she will never settle down "like her mama." She also has problems with her father, whom he berates her for her lifestyle. On almost every date with Niko, she will make a reference to sex.

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Escaping from the cops is an ideal way to raise her fondness.

She prefers to visit bars or strip clubs for early dates and restaurants for later dates.

Carmen likes expensive clothing from Modo or Perseus and likes Niko to wear different clothes on each date.

Carmen is wilder than the other girlfriends as she enjoys it when Niko drives fast or gets a wanted level.

Her profile on the LCPD Database also states that she is a nymphomaniac.

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