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Oh well, Audrey is still amazing, outstanding and sensational as it is even with her lack of IR, anal, blowbangs and extreme/circus acts.She would just be that much better if she did indulge!Sometimes I wear a blue leisure suit to watch her movies because she makes me want to dress up and be a better man. I can't believe that Audrey's been in porn for four years either; time certainly does fly.

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I had front row seats when she went on stage and tipped her with oodles of ones; ones are cheap (they cost ~1$ each) so I can afford showering her with them.

When I spoke to her afterwords, I told her that it was this slow everywhere these days and the slowness had nothing to do with her.

We resist these breasts' attempts to muffle us by motorboating them loudly and with considerable zeal.) even though I've never been a fan of huge fake breasts, I've always loved Audrey Bitoni...she's a freak, she's gorgeous, she's usually shaved and she's just one of the best...meeting her again at this year's AEE was great..was awesome, gorgeous and friendly..really tiny lol...

Walter wrote:^^TVB, I saw her Friday night; I talked to her briefly after her show and got a lap dance from her.

She must have been running through your mind all night...

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