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It suggested that “female friendships can be the key to happiness in older women, but they’re not often treated as such.” It’s not emphasized as much as exercising or eating well, but it’s just as important, according to the study. Pollekoff organized was a happy hour event at a bar in Century City.

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She had just moved from Colorado without her husband, but they’re still together.

“Our marriage has never been conventional,” she shared.

Flor Covel, 56, who wanted to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibit upstairs, joined the group two years ago out of a desire to meet people to do things around the city with after the end of a long relationship. “It was very lonely.” “Our paths would have never crossed if it weren’t for this group. She said she was now close friends with a former graphic designer and a surgeon who lived a mile from her and she believed this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the internet. Members introduced themselves to one another while waiting for their meals.

Even if we lived close to each other, you don’t think you have much in common,” said Ms. They discussed their lives, the things that keep them busy, the choices of some to marry or stay single and to have children or not.

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