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Furthermore, without that, when it does get updated, all its values get reset. :) dave hi dave, i'd just like to say that your 3 posts helped me a tremendous amount.

It seems so simple looking at it now, but without that, this isn't very fun. It took a while to get the hang of this, but now I've got a sweet Data Grid View displaying my data. i too had been suffering similar pains with datagridviews; no matter how simple some other tutorials on the internet made it sound, the stupid things just refused to update!!

However that may be because I just instantiate a new datagridview object on the fly and attempt to set its datasource within the button click event of an existing form. For anyone else still struggling out there, I thought I'd make a comment in response to: "(2) When I finally got data on the screen to update, if I clicked any part of the Data Grid View, the following message box popped up: "An unhandled exception of type 'System. Figured I'd share and maybe save somebody some frustration.

Thanks for the post by the way, I found it helpful.

With that Data Table, column sorting will be implemented, for instance.

Second of all, and this is a big one, whether you use a List Without that, the Data Grid View doesn't get updated by itself.

Thanks again, and hopefully I'll be "talking" with some of you soon!

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