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It was at Versailles Cuban Restaurant Pico and La Cienega. I wonder how much his father has influenced his career?He was eating there; very low key with a group of friends. He can do anything he wants, as far as acting is concerned. I just watched some of the trailers for the new season of Cuckoo and boy, Taylor is so queeny in them! The gay is just oozing out from him little by little and he can do nothing to stem the flow!! I wonder if they've ever had arguments over his career and/or sexual orientation? He could move out of the house and start living his own life and career path.[quote]We can't blame his bad acting on DLB, Singer, or Van Sant.

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We can't blame his bad acting on DLB, Singer, or Van Sant.

I'd say they held up their end of the bargain as much as his limited talent allowed them to...

And here's the key quote from the article:[quote]And why wouldn't an ambitious young actor want to attend? Party Scene That Took Down Bryan Singer X-Men director Bryan Singer is not the only powerful gay man in Hollywood who likes to surround himself with handsome twinks.

A twink might hear whisperings of boys who fucked their way to the top—Taylor Lautner, two sources told us, carries an unconfirmed reputation amongst the West Hollywood chatterati of having used Singer as a launching pad (and has been spotted at a Singer party). But according to a handful of sources who spoke with Gawker over the course of the last week, he was known as the most generous and active benefactor of a scene that allowed the young and impressionable to rub up against Hollywood elite—including prominent writers, directors and actors—leaving behind bitter memories and a sheaf of newly filed lawsuits.

He is not that good an actor and was hot for a fraction of the second, but man, did he make the most of that brief time he was in the spotlight.

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