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The three karts get back in the race, and Darla (still with her helmet on, masking her identity) saves Spanky & Alfalfa from a trick by Butch & Woim.Then, Darla's handkerchief comes off the front of Spanky & Alfalfa's go-kart, and as Alfalfa goes to re-attach it, he looses his balance and falls forward onto the kart's hood, holding onto it so he wouldn't fall off.

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However, in 2014 she met up with her co-stars from “The Little Rascals” at a 20 years reunion since the film was released.

Since she left the entertainment world, Brittany has focused on traveling and education.

We're happy to confirm that Blake seems to be doing well. Heather Karasek no longer acts, but still works in the business in costume and wardrobe.

She has worked in movies, TV, and music videos - with artists like Major Lazer.

Alfalfa and Darla become a couple again after Spanky tells her how he was the one who wrecked their date, clearing Alfalfa's name.

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