plywood dating - Brian mcfadden dating vogue

Mc Fadden is in a relationship with Danielle Parkinson, a sports teacher from Rochdale - the couple met through mutual friends in Manchester.

KERRY Katona claims Brian Mc Fadden's ex wife Vogue Williams "wouldn't give me the time of day" when they were married.

We like nothing better than just staying in and spending time together as a couple when we’re not working.“You can be in love with someone but if you can’t be friends with them, it’s kind of pointless. Everything that I wanted is sort of gone.“I wanted to be married and I wanted to have kids for so long and now that’s sort of gone, and I’m like, ‘What do I do now?

Kerry said: "I never met Vogue, I think she waved to me once but I can't comment on Vogue when I don't know her.

"All I know is that Molly and Lilly adore Danielle and for me, that says it all." Kerry has joined Celebs Go Dating after three failed marriages, and thinks it's a safe environment to find a man.

She said: "I have done the dating apps before but this is so much safer.

She added: "You know you're not going to get kidnapped plus you get paid too.

"When you're in a relationship with somebody, you have got to respect their wishes which obviously Brian has respected exes Vogue and Delta's (Goodrem) wishes, whereas now his girlfriend is so understanding and totally gets it.

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