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According to Ratner, accepting Prokhorov as majority owner "gives us a partner who adds to the financial strength of the venture.

Mikhail will have primary responsibility for the basketball part and we will have primary responsibility for the arena and the real estate." Ratner originally planned to move the Nets across the Hudson River for the beginning of the 2009–10 NBA season.

I read some excerpts and it could have been written yesterday, about the defining moment in Brooklyn and how it would lead to a renaissance in the community. At that point it hit me — we really accomplished something special.

Though Brooklyn has a developed a family culture and assembled a roster of high-character players, they’re coming off an NBA-worst 20-62 season and traded away their best player in Brook Lopez. But the 21-year-old Russell — whose dating life is Page Six fodder — provides just that, and they likely will sell that. With fans, we hear it on social media platforms and just generally speaking with ticket sellers and buyers. And Russell clearly starts conversations, from outing former Lakers teammate Nick Young cheating on Iggy Azalea to his own prolific dating record.

The Nets are hoping D’Angelo Russell can change both of those. We want to create a conversation with your fans, and he’s helped do that.” Yormark is the CEO of Nets parent company Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, and more than any other league, the NBA is at the intersection of sports and entertainment.

Looking back, you got an arena built in New York, which was a monumental accomplishment considering all the things you have to deal with politically. In some respects, what we did with Barclays Center is a legacy. They never thought we would be able to move the team from New Jersey to Brooklyn, let alone build a world-class venue that became a global destination.

There were 36 lawsuits, years of delays and then in the midst of the financial crisis around 2008, we still hadn’t broken ground. It was the collective will of (former Nets and Barclays Center owner) Bruce Ratner and Mikhail Prokhorov that got this thing to Brooklyn.

Under Mayor Ed Koch he became consumer affairs commissioner where he went after corrupt merchants, repairmen and alarm companies.

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