sedating patient - Bookworms dating bookworms dating dating woman

Those who read are masters at listening to the opinions and statements of others while still retaining their own viewpoints.

Women who read are above fighting -- they would rather have logical discussion that leads to respectful discourse.

She loves hearing about all the places she could go, things she could see, and she’ll stop at nothing to ensure she’ll make it there.

In the depths of her mind are stories of love, life, fantasy, adventure, and she’ll be much eager to talk about that than the weather or “what’s up.” Witty banter and deep conversations are imperative to the girl who reads, creating better and more interesting conversation for the person dating her. They seek to broaden their horizons and never stop gaining knowledge and wisdom through their reading.

Instead she relishes relationships and memories, and spends too much time in her own thoughts to ever get "bored." What else would you expect from someone who spends their free time reading about heroes and heroines?

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