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” Hot 97 DJ @Rosenbergradio said he doesn’t like @sosobrat's famous collaboration with @Tyrese – and now she just responded on The Beat, telling him he can go and kick rocks. This is a lane I never imagined I would get to be in.

If we knew we did live inside a simulation, this could cause our creators to terminate the simulation — to destroy our world.“…

An exemplar of human cruelty for a young woman w/ MPS-6 #Rare Disease who has been here legally for 17 years, contributed greatly to our country and science, cannot be tolerated.

The mid-week, in-the-know podcast is Chuck at his best – unscripted, informed and focused on what really matters in the 2020...

Hosted by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, the program features in-depth and informed discussions that help drive the day's political conversation. K5RO BREAKING: Trump has asked his national security team to review funding for Ukraine, to ensure the money is being used “in the best interests” of the US. News comes days after Trump advocated for reinstating Russia to G7.

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