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I started to go back to school, and I was really enjoying it, and then I went to go do this film with John in Greece...

Collins became romantically involved with John Derek, a married man 30 years her senior.

Since 2009 Bo Derek boyfriend has been considered to be John Corbett.

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Bo Derek is over 50 years old and has not had any plastic surgeries which look like they are not needed for her at all.

However, the star herself thinks that sometimes when she sees a picture of herself in a newspaper she considers having one or another plastic surgery but admits that Bo Derek boyfriend John Corbett likes the way she is.

They started seeing each other in Greece when Bo Derek appeared in his movie called “And Once Upon a Love”.

John Derek was notorious for being a huge womanizer and being 30 years older than his girlfriend of that time nobody agreed on their relationship and they had mostly negative comments about their love and dating.

Derek was born Mary Cathleen Collins in Long Beach, California.

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