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One of Natasha's strongest relationships was with Bucky Barnes.

Yes, the same Bucky Barnes who became the Winter Soldier.

If you're a black man or woman seeking to meet other black singles, you potentially face a wide variety of challenges.

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There doesn't have to be any negative connotation to this. Natasha was once married to a man named Alexei Shostakov while she was still an operative in Russia.

Unfortunately, Natasha was told Alexei had died — in reality, his death was faked so he could become a spy — and Natasha decided to become a spy herself in honor of her "late" husband.

The two decided to move to San Francisco to start fighting crime there as vigilantes together.

However, during their run as a crime-fighting duo, Natasha started to feel as though Matt didn't take her skills into consideration and even did not think of her as an equal.

Many people date more than one person in their lifetime.

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