Bjorn ulvaeus and agnetha faltskog dating

Most of those tracks have since been released on other albums. The four principal members of Abba are: Bjorn Ulvaeus - Guitar, lyricist Benny Andersson - Keyborards, composer Agnetha Faltskog - Lead vocals (soprano) Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad - Lead vocals (mezzo-soprano) Ulveaus and Andersson provided background vocals.

Ulvaeus occasionally led, most notably on "Does Your Mother Know" and a few others. (Ironically, when the four first started working together, the two women provided back-up to the guys…

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They along with Benny Andersson would form the group ABBA which would find worldwide success, especially after winning the widely televised Eurovision Song Contest in 1974.

During her time with the group she also released the album “Elva kvinnor I et thus” which became one of the longest charting albums of Sweden.

In 1958, Faltskog started singing in a local choir and took piano lessons.

Two years later, she formed a group called the Cambers, and they would perform locally before dissolving due to a lack of opportunities.

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