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Boracay, an island in the Philippines, has some of the best beaches - including the ever-popular White Beach, which is famous for its amazing sunsets and white sand that stays cool even in hot weather. We have girls from Bangkok, Manila, Cebu, Pattaya and more.Over here they not only give you a smile back but it’s often even who show interest in you and all you need to do is be polite, easy going, make a joke here or there and things will flow into the right direction with no effort.

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Filipina girls are shy in public and even though the malls are great to meet them you need to overcome the problem of them being too shy talking to you because they don’t like being watched by all the other people around you.

You can find my tips and strategy on how to pick up girls in the malls in this post: If paying for hookers is not really your cup of tea, or you want to avoid spending time and money on the girls in the bars and clubs before it turns out that she’s actually a working girl too, or you find it too much effort to walk around the malls and randomly talk to girls in the hope to eventually score (and her to be single) then there is a fourth way to go about meeting girls in the Philippines: The online dating sites.

You should be able to just enjoy the show, even if some women tend to kick out the so-called free-loaders. And that is the best with our site; you are not required to chat. I love to watch all the Filipinas online, they are here!

The models here generally are quite friendly in the chat, no need to worry if it is the first time for you. Don’t be afraid to ask anything you might have on our mind.

You can find here a list of Skype girls from Philippines looking for new friends.

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