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You could do better.”Okay for conversation you want open ended stuff and something you both can express your opinion on so that you can DISAGREE ( don’t agree ffs) but she shouldn’t be offended. I know it’s a guy instinct and people believe it’s a showcase of confidence. You seem like the right amount of good and bad” ( Girls think being demanding is their birth right well let em believe it) You need to build enough attraction before saying this though. You are casually suggesting a date while being cocky funny (a David De Angelo concept) .

Don’t be afraid to disagree you are entitled to your opinion. It is good.2) Cold reading This takes a little practice but honestly makes for a great opener even if you’re wrong. When I started writing this guide I did not believe in tinder but then I met this wonderful girl who isn’t like any other.

I have also included some routines I use you can basically just put out there with little or no modifications.

Also, I would suggest to treat this as a self help guide even if you don’t get success you will be a better person. I would call myself above average looking but overall I am quite happy with how I look. I wouldn’t call myself a player or PUA or anything of that sort.

WHENEVER YOU GIVE VALUE YOU ALSO GOT TO TAKE SOME AWAY. You only said “Hi” (not like all other 999 guys who message hey) only because your ball rolled in there not to say hi to her yet to do it.

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