top senior dating services - Avg not updating virus definitions

Keeping your computer safe from viruses is extremely important, especially if your computer is connected to the Internet.

Antivirus software can help you keep your computer safe, but only if you keep its virus definitions up-to-date.

But sometimes when the Internet connection isn’t available for auto updating, for this, users need a Virus Definition file.

avg not updating virus definitions-9

However, what should I do with the AVG (above error) in the Add/Program section.

Can I just setup AVG even though the AVG 8 is in Add/Program section? " instead of "Save File", I was able to download AVG. I installed the new version without any problems whatsoever & it works great.

IF the restore points works - have a look WHAT you have in your "quarantined" folder and IF you can delete what you have in there. I tried to restore to when I uninstalled AVG 7.5 (~May23, 200 but I received a message that says that the restoration was not possible.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a "restore" if they won't let me go back to when I uninstalled 7.5?

After I downloaded the AVG files (saved to desktop), there are 2 files on the desktop:1) avg_free_stf_en_8_138a1332 (application file) 2) avg_free_stf_en_8_138a1332(PART File)Normally the installation launches when I double click it. According to below, I should have been more cautious. you for everyone's advice. I still get 2 files when I download from the AVG website (via CNET's).

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