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In such a case, the matching public domain tag is used instead of The Austrian postal service (Österreichische Post) has limited copyright for all stamps and the displayed images.

The stamps can be used for sale, manufacture and advertising.

The objectives of this provision at a glance: Important information: The settlement on the receiving side deviating from the SHARE principle cannot be guaranteed.

The expense instruction “Expense-free for the Client” (BEN) is prohibited for payments within the EEA.

Developer portal is available at https://developer.and if you want to get help with a general inquiry, or if you're looking for further information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

: Dear Third Party Provider, Uni Credit Group is proud to announce that you can now consume our production APIs, based on the Berlin Group guidelines, for the delivery of your services to customers with online accounts in: While you can continue testing in the Sandbox available since the 14th of March 2019, from May 31 we are also providing live APIs for our hubs in Germany and Italy.

You can now consume our APIs, based on the Berlin Group guidelines, to deliver value added services for our customers with online accounts in: While Uni Credit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia are providing dedicated interfaces following the local standards.

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