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So I don't think that's really a valid concern."Columnist Awad said the range of opinions about Muslim online dating is representative of the community's diversity.

There is no clear right or wrong and it depends on a person's personal convictions."They are people who will be absolutely open to an app like that, and there are others who will see it as something that is not appropriate," she said. There are going to be critics and there are going to be proponents. It just comes down to their religious viewpoints."Relationships blogger Zeynab said parents are slowly adapting their expectations to suit the popularity and normalcy of online dating."Parents might think, well if it's not working the traditional way, then maybe they should experiment and branch out.

So I think families are increasingly more accepting of different ways of meeting a partner because their interest is seeing their child get married.

And so they will often adapt their expectations to see that happen."Traditional matchmaking and parental involvement will always be on the agenda, said Jessa, but finding true love through technology is also here to stay."While there's always space for families and friends and your aunty to hook you up with someone, I think that online dating will become more and more, an avenue that Muslims will find one and another."A lot of those people are now, like me, in their 20s or 30s – Millennials.

For many Muslims who have grown up in the West, dating and getting married can be challenging.

Determined to find love on their own terms, some Muslim Millennials are now turning their backs on family-sanctioned matchmaking, and turning to their smartphones instead.

Jessa, founder of Salaam Swipe, also insisted that using a Muslim dating app is a good indicator of one's commitment to their faith and cultural values."I think there's an assumption that it will be like other apps out there that are used in a more nefarious way," he said.

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