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(or to point me to a source that will tell me) First tried: Component Video from DVD to TV. The TV remote has a switch for the different "inputs", and we did switch it to the Input 3/ Component, but still no picture.

S-Video from Cable box to TV Cable in from wall to Cable box. We switched to RCA cables on the DVD and now have DVd picture and sound on tv and stereo speakers.

Previously had it working fine, but with older TV and coaxial cable connections and RCA connections.

Just got a new TV with Component Video and S-Video connections.

We switched to coax cable from cable box to TV, and audio from cable box to Receiver, and have sound in speakers and TV, but poor quality picture on cable. I would be ever grateful if anyone feels like helping me out on this, or knows where I can go to get some assistance. Note: the back of the combo DVD/ VCR has one side that says "DVD ONLY" and has the s-video and component video connections.

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