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Whether it is what to wear on the date or encouragement to beat those first date nerves our matchmakers are there for you. Our matchmakers are going to be there to encourage you along the way. Oh and by the way, if marriage is part of your relationship goals, they will also gladly dance at your wedding! See for yourself what so many Arizona singles already know.

Arizona Singles is the best place to meet quality local singles with a convenient local office in 6400 East El Dorado Plaza in Tucson.

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Arizona Singles is part of the largest personal matchmaking network in Arizona serving Tucson and the surrounding areas. In reality, your friend is not a professional matchmaker. No dating someone for 6-months to find out that they don't share similar core values and life goals.

Arizona Singles performs background screening on all new clients. Some of the best dates you may recall were probably those put together by a friend. Just think, the phone rings and it's another great match from our matchmaking team.

STOP wasting time with online dating sites such as,,,,,, and others.

They aren't designed to help you meet real singles.

This ensures you meet real, local singles that are compatible for dating.

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