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If you're not content to just top up your tan and swim in the mesmerising turquoise waters, then the island offers an eclectic mix of activities.

The restoration initiative was completed in December 2015 and is now available for rent.

The Anguilla National Trust, in partnership with the Anguilla Community College, the Department of Youth and Culture (Government of Anguilla), and Rosell Media created this exciting course which delves deep into what makes Anguilla what it is.

The Register currently holds information on just under 100 buildings and sites that range from the island’s oldest Amerindian settlement located at Whitehead’s Bluff, to former plantation estates, to the old wooden chattle houses that represent traditional Anguillian architecture.

The story of the Anguilla racing boat is more than the story of a boat or a race.

How […] An important part of the Trust’s mandate is to raise awareness of Anguilla’s natural and cultural heritage. How can the past influence the present and the future?

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