Android market app statistics not updating

We Chat has moved to fill this gap (and several others), and the fact that it ranks fourth here solely on the basis of domestic performance underscores the app’s centrality to contemporary Chinese life.China, as we will discuss further later, is the world’s biggest app market.While these three have switched order, Instagram remains in fifth.

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Facebook dominates, owning four of the top-five most-popular apps, including the entire top-three.

Facebook itself takes first place, followed by Whats App and Facebook Messenger, with Instagram coming in fifth.

The App Store also grew, but a slightly slower rate of 7%, to reach 30 billion downloads in 2018. Google Play is also unavailable in China – the world’s biggest app market.

App Annie app download statistics includes third-party Android downloads, thus accounting for the huge number of app downloads made in China.

Facebook enjoys a considerable advantage in its global reach, with the app penetrating practically every corner of the globe.

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