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For instance, Pawlowski and Dunbar (1999) found that how demanding advertisers were in their mate search criteria was determined by their own “market value.” Women’s “market value” peaks in their twenties, whereas men’s “market value” peaks in their late 30s.

Campos and his colleagues (2002) also found that age was an important factor in using mate selection strategies.

However, studies on culture and interpersonal communication have consistently found that people in individualist and collectivist cultures differ greatly in romantic beliefs and mate selection (e.g., Gudy Kunst & Nishida, 1983; Higgins, Zheng, Liu & Sun, 2002; Ju, 1993).

Therefore, advertisers need to carefully deliberate what they want to include in their ads.

Many studies have used personal ads as sources of data to explore the pattern of mate selection and other issues of romantic relationships (e.g., Cameron, Oskamp, & Sparks, 1977; Campos, Otta, & Siqueira, 2002; Sev’er, 1990).

Therefore, how advertisers describe themselves in ads actually reflects their beliefs on mate selections.

Another important component of personal ads is qualities that the advertiser is looking for in others.

Individuals may purposely manage their impressions based on the expected preference of the message receiver.

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