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Top 10 Worst Internet Marketing Videos Ever: Matt Coddington over at Net Business Blog has assembled his list of the top 10 worst You Tube marketing videos. Why watch the best when you can learn from the worst? Transparency in Social News: The Blog Herald discusses the different social news outlets, and how “transparent” they are. The Rabbit-specific widget “lists free public events in over a dozen cities.” Enter your zip, and whenever you hit that amazing F12 key, up come the admission-free thrillers sure to impress the girlfriend.

Short analyses, but it’s interesting to see what types of infrastructure exist, and how they’re creating different sets of online social norms. As David points out, “a widget like this that helps promote a German car doesn’t make much sense.” I’d tend to agree with him on this one.

The great feature is that company representatives can sign up, and defend/promote their companies.

Hello and welcome to The Beta Stage, a new web log dedicated to new media and technology in politics, public affairs, business, and life.

Instead of hoping that constituents remember Meetup days, hoping they log back onto My.

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