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I laughed when Kelly started inching closer and closer to Henry. "You can't keep throwing that in my fucking face. I looked at his clenched fists and knew I'd done something wrong. At least I wouldn't have to feel the pain I was feeling.She stood beside him and danced, occasionally "accidentally" bumping into him. I apologized and if you can't get over it then it isn't my fault! The booming of music drowned out our shouting from the hallways. Then, Morgan and Amber convinced me to go get you, so I did.

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Henry was up next and I kissed his cheek and he got up, walked to the stage, and I smiled at him as he looked at me. Find another ride home." He started walking down the hall before I ran towards him and grabbed his arm.

I waited longer for my name to be called but then the glorious moment came. I accepted my diploma, shook her hand and turned the tassel on my cap to the other side. "Wait, please." Tears started to form in my eyes again, making everything blurry.

I walked to the other side of the stage and sat in the row of chairs. He looked down to the floor and tried to calm himself down.

I watched as all of the other seniors finished getting their diplomas. Everyone was drinking and dancing and having the best time ever. "I don't know how many times I need to explain it to you. I love you and I made one fucking mistake that made me lose you. It got to the point where I didn't care if my dad beat me to death.

Many people think that Henry and Amber are dating in real life because of their close interaction with each other. The show is about an artist’s daily life activities off-stage, so the public, both non-fans and fans, can learn about their activities behind the scene.

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