french vs american dating - Advice dating libra

He wanted me to be the trophy wife but wasn't really interested with who I was as a person.

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I was married to a Libra for over 20 years and he was one of the most giving, caring men I have ever been with. I do know he was devastated that this Virgo was not to him and it almost killed him.

He has remained in contact with me over the years, even though I hurt him terribly. So that pretty much throws that theory out the window.

My...a new way to pigeon hole, judge and reject people because of a birth date!!

I can't wait until someone starts complaining about how they won't go on a date with someone born when Uranus was in retrograde or something.

Now, if all Libra males are such horrid humans..come any of them born in that time frame are happily married?

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