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The organ-culture of intact ovaries from newborn mice for 8 days followed by in vitro culture of retrieved oocyte-granulosa cell complexes for an additional 14 days, led to the birth of healthy pups following in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer [1].

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This study was designed to test the hypothesis that CAM culture can maintain the health of adult bovine ovarian tissue for a short period.

The specific objectives of this study were to study avian angiogenesis in adult bovine ovarian tissues cultured in CAM, and to compare the follicle development between CAM and in vitro culture systems.

Therefore, there is a dire need to develop a suitable short-term culture system that can be mobile and maintain tissue viability during transport under field conditions.

So far, there are no reports on the use of the CAM culture system with adult bovine ovarian tissue.

Other cell types have been shown to develop in the CAM culture system suggesting its usefulness in regenerative medicine [7].

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