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Planners superimposed a military grid atop the map and distributed copies to the invading troops before they boarded their air craft.

These concerns intensified as it became clear the Soviets were supporting communist movements in nearby El Salvador and Nicaragua. What put Washington policymakers on high alert, however, was the start of construction on a new airfield capable of handling the largest Soviet military transports.

Taken together, Cuba, Nicaragua and Grenada enveloped the Caribbean in a strategic triangle, through which half of any U. The Reagan administration doubted Grenada’s claims the field was meant solely to support tourism, as there was no concomitant building of the hotels and resorts one would expect to accompany such an initiative.

At the end of a three-day battle Grenada would return to the family of democratic nations.

Moreover, the fight set in motion forces that fundamentally changed American military operations.

In a bid for financial support and to enhance his own security, Bishop closely allied himself with Cuba.

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