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They were usually scenes like a diversity-training seminar in the conference room.

Once Jim and Pam got to the condo, this entire episode was a killing field.

Melora Hardin (Jan Levinson): When I first started to play Jan, she was incredibly straight and serious and kind of humorless. I just think that’s hilarious, and obviously the beginning of her losing her shit.

I found that aspect of her really funny because nothing could, in any way, sway her to feel like anything had any humor to it at all. To Jan, Michael was this guy who was kind of an idiot, but also represented this possibility for her white picket fence, which is why the dinner party is so resonant. It’s her moment of “here we are living together, and I’m gonna have a candle business, and we have a Warhol on the wall of me, and [Michael] adores me, and we’re gonna have this perfect life.” It’s her having a delusional fantasy of normalcy. Pre-Production A table read is a chance for actors to get familiar with the script and for the writers to see if the jokes work.

Gene Stupnitsky (co-writer): There are lots of different versions of Michael Scott.

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