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Don’t Mimic The Sour Faces Of Your Fellow Patrons: A good rule of the road anywhere in the world is when you are unsure of the conduct expected of you, follow the lead of those around you.

If the bar you enter is filled with sourpuss old sexpats, this is not good advice.

The damn ambulance drives on the beach with sirens blaring.

That may, or may not have happened.4- STAY IN BAYTOWN WARF AND NOT NEAR THE BEACH – After 30-70 shots (starting at 8 am) you want to make it as easy as possible to stumble home from the bars at night. And your phone to upload Instagram pics of your friends getting hauled off the beach by the paramedics.

Don’t Be A Jerk: Depending on the bar, jerking off may be appropriate but acting like a jerk is not considered good form at any bar.

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